Jared Brossett

New Orleans City Council member and Former Louisiana State Representative for District 97

“Ethan has prepared himself to be the next state representative for District 97 not because he’s an elected school board member ,but because he has constantly given back to our community. As a former member of District 97, I know he will represent you well. He shares in the same philosophy as I do about governing. You must govern for all. He has and is a partner with me on the City Council tackling the major challenges facing our city, such as our children and the benefits of early childhood education, infrastructure and public safety. We need people in LA Legislature that care and that care about the people, and put the people above all else. That’s Ethan Ashley!"


JP Morrell

Louisiana State Senator

"Louisiana is in dire need of capable legislators to fill the breach caused by term limits and rise to the challenge to protect and preserve New Orleans. Ethan is the only candidate with unique skill set to lead District 97 in the Louisiana Legislature. He's a proven leader and consensus builder who understands what it means to work with 104 colleagues from across the state to deliver for our city and it's neighborhoods"


Joe Giarrusso, III

New Orleans City Council member

"Ethan Ashley brings two qualities needed for this job.  He has legislative experience after his service on the school board.  And, he has the energy to continuing working hard and fighting for his constituents in Baton Rouge." 

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu.jpg

Mary Landrieu

Former U.S. Senator

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Ethan. He has been an effective advocate for excellence in education for all children and he understands how deeply valued that opportunity is to all families. His leadership is needed in Baton Rouge.”


Neil Abramson

State Representative

Ethan is smart, energetic, and dedicated which clearly will make him an outstanding state representative. But what really separates Ethan apart is his willingness to listen and work with others, even those from different geographic or philosophical backgrounds, and that is what we must have at the Capitol in Baton Rouge to get things done for our city and our residents.


Ben Kleban

School Board Member

“Throughout his service on the Orleans Parish School Board, Ethan has been steadfast in his work to improve the quality of public education in our city, especially for disadvantaged and underserved young people.  Ethan is an exemplary public servant and I am confident his work as State Representative will have a lasting positive impact on our community.”


Seth Bloom

Former School Board Member


John Brown Sr.

School Board Member


Woody Koppel

School Board Member


Sarah Usdin

School Board Member


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