ETHAN ASHLEY already has a proven track record of legislative accomplishments and commitment to our youth.


“I watched and worked with Ethan in the capital. His passion and persistence helped pass major criminal justice reform…Ethan effectively built a consensus on both sides of the aisle and helped get a republican co-sponsor to improve the lives of our children.” 


“Working with Ethan Ashley when he was at the Urban League in our efforts for Criminal Justice Reform, I was impressed with his understanding of the issues, his respect for others and his commitment to finding workable solutions.  That is the kind of person we need more of in Baton Rouge. He has my full support.”


• For nearly 10 years Ethan has led legislative efforts for the Juvenile Justice Project, the Urban League, and the Anti- Defamation League. 

• Ethan has fought to pass legislation to end juvenile life sentences for non-homicide offenses, saving state money and ending an inhumane practice of sentencing juveniles to die in prison. He also successfully advocated to raise the age of juveniles being charged and prosecuted as adults to 18. 

• Ethan is committed to our youth. He has mentored with Son of a Saint, directed a voluntary literacy program at the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center (JJIC) and advocated to fully fund TOPS.

• Ethan has served our community: He is on the board of the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC) and serves as its program chairman. He is a board member of the Boy Scouts of America Southeast Louisiana Council, the National Juvenile Justice Network and the New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute (NORLI). 

In addition, Ethan’s commitment to our children and community goes beyond that.

With regard to service, Ethan has raised thousands of dollars for and as a former board member of Youth Run NOLA, a New Orleans based non-profit organization focused on empowering underserved youth through running. Ethan has served as community service chair for the Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, a voluntary bar association in New Orleans whose mission is to balance justice and effect change. Ethan was also the previous director of a voluntary literacy program at the Youth Study Center in New Orleans.  Ethan is an advisory board member for Bard Early College New Orleans, a rigorous, credit-bearing, tuition-free college course of student in the liberal arts and sciences available to junior and senior level students.  

While with the Urban League, Ethan created and led an educational leadership community program called Urban Leaders for Equity and Diversity (ULEAD), a juvenile alternative to detention program called Community Coaching, and various civil engagement activities including the High School Civic Engagement Challenge.