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the mission:

Growing the future of District 97


Criminal Justice

Increase resources to diversion programs; continue sentence, bail and parole board reform efforts; decrease/eliminate fees related to re-entry; allocate social support resources to probation and parole; and provide resources to juvenile facilities for education, mentorship and activities. Read More


Health & Social Services

Adequately fund mental health services and facilities; expand affordable coverage offerings for those with pre-existing conditions; expand medical service; and expand comprehensive sex education in schools inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation.



Increase minimum wage to livable wage; ensure equal pay for equal work; increase affordable housing options and protections for residents; adequately fund temporary housing facilities for homeless youth and adults; and establish state based universal income program.



Reinstate voting rights for those formerly incarcerated; protect body autonomy and women’s reproductive rights; expand the opportunities for small businesses and DBEs; reform state unemployment program; and increase equal access to fresh food.

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Budget & Infrastructure

Invest state budget resources equitably in the development of people and creating healthy and safe environments; allocate monies to sustain and grow infrastructure (roads, bridges, internet connectivity, etc.); and create eco-friendly environment to reduce carbon footprint.



Increase classroom resources; expand high quality education options; increase supports to students seeking alternative pathways to the workforce; increase TOPS; expand voting opportunities for youth; increase funding supports for reading programs and universal counseling access to students; and ensure high quality early childhood education- statewide universal preK.


"My life’s mission is to grow the middle class by positively changing the trajectory of our families in need, by reforming the education, health, economic and criminal justice systems to focus on creating the best outcomes for our most vulnerable."

The future of our communities is only as bright as the chances we provide for our people. That is why I am so passionate about working with organizations that provide opportunities for our people. We live in a society where the level of income dictates the level of opportunity for success. As the OPSB representative for District 2 , I am dedicated to creating programs and initiatives in our local communities that provide opportunities for youth and their families. I want to help change the trajectory of families in need, by reforming the education, health, economic and criminal justice systems. This is not a pipe dream. This is part of my life story, I now seek to duplicate my experience in others and create a community that is sustainable and filled with opportunity for all.


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